Below is a list of each of the Kata's in the Shotokan System. The name of the kata is on the left, with its translation and meaning on the right. Clicking on the name of the Kyu Katas will take you to a page with a video demonstration and step by step diagram. For each class kata group, the videos are available in a link under each group of katas. 

Kyu Katas

 Taikyoku Shodan First Cause
 Heian Shodan  Peaceful Mind 1
 Heian Nidan Peaceful Mind 2
 Heian Sandan Peaceful Mind 3
 Heian Yondan Peaceful Mind 4
 Heian Godan Peaceful Mind 5
 Tekki Shodan Iron Horse 1 or Horse Riding 1

Class A Katas

 Bassai Dai Big or Greater: To Penetrate a Fortress, To Storm a Fortress, or Extract from a Fortress
 Empi Flying Swallow, Flight of the Swallow, or Swallow Flight
 Hangetsu Crescent Moon or Half Moon
 Kanku Dai Big or Greater: Looking to the Sky or Sky Viewing
 Tekki Nidan Iron Horse 2 or Horse Riding 2
Class A Kata Videos

Class B Katas

 Gangaku Crane on a Rock
 Jion A Proper Name, Temple Bell, or Love and Goodness
 Jitte Ten Hands
 Tekki Sandan Iron Horse 3 or Horse Riding 3
Class B Kata Videos

Class C Katas

 Bassai Sho Small or Lesser: To Penetrate a Fortress, To Storm a Fortress, or Extract from a Fortress
 Chinte Strange Hand, Chinese Hand, or Incredible Hands
 Kanku Sho Small or Lesser: Looking to the Sky, or Sky Viewing
 Nijushiho Twenty-four steps, or Twenty-four Directions
 Sochin Immovable & Rooted, or Tranquil Force
Class C Kata Videos

Class D Katas

 Gojushiho Sho Small or Lesser: Fifty-four Steps, or Fifty-four Directions
 Gojushiho Dai Big or Greater: Fifty-four Steps, or Fifty-four Directions
 Unsu Cloud Hands, Hands in the Clouds, or Separating the Clouds
Class D Kata Videos

Unclassified Katas

 Ji'in Temple Grounds, or Love and Shadow
 Meikyo Bright Mirror, Mirror of the Soul, Cleaning a Mirror, or Polished Mirror
 Wankan King's Crown or Emperor's Crown
Other Kata Videos