Cortney Kressin

Cortney Kressin is the SKOL Technical Director and currently holds the rank of Nidan. She began training in 2011 at the Glencoe Karate Club, and became an associate instructor there. In 2014, she relocated to Mankato, Minnesota to pursue a bachelor’s degree in social work and became the President of the Minnesota State University, Mankato Shotokan Karate Club. While there, Cortney taught several personal protection classes to students and faculty. In 2016, she relocated to the Twin Cities and became an associate instructor at Shotokan Karate of Lakeville. In 2017, Cortney became the SKOL Technical Director and achieved the rank of Nidan. Cortney’s main area of interest is incorporating social work principles into karate. She takes a person- centered approach to teaching, encouraging students to set their own goals and strengthen not only their bodies, but their minds and character as well.

“Sometimes the people around you won’t understand your journey. They don’t need to. It’s not for them.” –Joubert Botha