Megan Williams

Megan Williams is an associate instructor at the Balaton Shotokan Karate Club.  She grew up in Russell, MN and began training in 2007 under Sensei Jerry Lupkes in Balaton, MN where her brother and cousin trained.  She tested for her Shodan in 2012 and began college at SMSU in 2013.  While obtaining her majors in accounting and agribusiness management right in Marshall, MN, she was able to continue her training in her home dojo.  She received her Nidan rank in 2015.  She graduates from SMSU in May of 2017 and hopes to be able to continue teaching and training afterwards.  She enjoys always learning new information and techniques from other instructors and sharing those with other ranks and watching students grow.  You are always learning, no matter what rank you are.