Taylor Smith

Taylor Smith (Nidan): Taylor Smith has been studying Shotokan Karate since 1994 where he was a member of the Red River Valley Shotokan Karate Club (ASKF) in East Grand Forks, MN. In 1997, as a 1st KYU and graduate of the ASKF Black Belt Academy, Taylor was preparing for his black belt exam when the region suffered from extensive flooding and the ASKF club was disbanded. He continued his training both at home with his father who trained as well, and with another local Shotokan Karate club at the University of North Dakota. Unfortunately the following year, Taylor tore his ACL and had to stop all strenuous activities for the time being. He resumed training with his father and the UND club in 2001 after successful surgery and extensive rehabilitation. In 2004 his Army unit was deployed to Iraq with the 116th Brigade Combat Team. While there, Taylor crossed paths with the Iraqi National Kumite Champion "Bob", who happened to study Shotokan Karate and worked at the Base as a translator. Between missions and during down time the two trained together as well as taught a Shotokan class to soldiers. Upon returning home in late 2005, Taylor joined his Father, Claude (a newly promoted 1st Dan), who had started a new club in Warren, MN. Taylor earned his Shodan in 2006 and his Nidan in 2008. He and his Father taught karate in Warren until 2009 when he was once again deployed. While gone, his Father took a new job in Montana and left the club to his Son. Upon returning home in the summer of 2010, Taylor took his position as the Chief Instructor of the Warren Karate Club where he currently teaches and trains. Taylor has studied and trained in Brazillian Jiu Jitsu since 2008 and is a Certified Level Two Trainer in the Modern Army Combatives program. He works full time for the North Dakota Army National Guard where he has compiled an extensive resume including: two overseas deployments, numerous schools and certifications, and many awards and decorations. He lives in Grand Forks, ND with his Wife and Son.