Chief/Senior Instructors

Chief/Senior Instructor Jerry Lupkes has been studying Shotokan karate since 1988.  He received his black belt in April, 1995 and was promoted to his current rank of Yondan in April, 2006.  Sensei Lupkes is a graduate of the Black Belt Academy and Renshi programs, a certified tournament official, class “A” examiner and is accredited as an Official Instructor.  He has served on the Board of Directors of several karate organizations and served seven years as Vice President for one of them.  He is the current Chief Instructor in Balaton, MN, a club he founded in 2006 and the current UKAI USA Midwest director.  Prior to that he spent more than a decade as the Chief Instructor of the Lakeville Shotokan Karate Club in Lakeville, MN.  Notable achievements for Sensei Lupkes include being the first person below the rank of black belt chosen for the Minnesota State Karate Team, 2th place in kata and 3rd place in kumite in the 2000 Funakoshi World Championships.  Perfect season in 2008 when he won every kumite and kata competition entered including the Minnesota Shotokan Classic.