Claude Smith

Chief Instructor Claude Smith is currently a Sandan and has been studying Shotokan karate since 1993. He is a former Chief Instructor with another national shotokan organization, and he has trained extensively with still another. He has won several leadership awards, served as a Board member, and has founded several karate clubs. Due to frequent professional relocation and circumstances beyond his control, he has also spent a number of years studying on his own. In his spare time he qualified as an Adjunct Professor with the Montana State University system and is certified to teach karate in the system. His main area of interest is in self defense and practical application. Mr. Smith joined the United Karate Associations International in 2008 in order to further his study in those topics with like-minded individuals.

“Your black belt covers about two inches of your butt. The rest is up to you.” – Royce Gracie