Lakeville Dojo History

 Year    Comments
 1987  Larry Lambert (Sandan) starts club and is Chief Instructor
 1989  Club  joins  ASKF
 1994-1996  Chris Wynne (Nidan) is Chief Instructor
 1996-2006  Jerry Lupkes (Godan) is Chief Instructor
 2006-2013  Walter Fuchs (Sandan) is Chief Instructor
 Sept. 2009 Club Joins UKAI
 2013 - 2014 Joe Stifter (Yondan) is Chief Instructor 
 2014 - 2017 Robert Odegard (Sandan) and David Robinson (Nidan) co-lead the dojo 
 2017 - Present Joe Stifter (Yondan) and Cortney Kressin (Nidan) co-lead the dojo 
  • The first classes were held at Christina Huddelson Elementary.
  • Since then classes have been held at Cherry View, Lake Marion, Crystal Lake, Eastview, Mcgure, and Lakeville South.
  • In the late  80's and early  90's, grew to over 100 students.  During this time, the club would take school buses to the tournaments. 
  • In 2005, the club had 19 active blackbelts.