Upcoming Events

Midwest UKAI 2017 Schedule

February 25th - UKAI Shotokan Training. Getting ready for tournaments, focus on kata and kumite. Location TBD

April 1st - UKAI Tournament in Balaton, MN

April 29th - Shotokan Classic in Lakeville, Minnesota

July - UKAI Rocky Mountain Gasshuku in Montana. 

Other Events of Interest 

March 4th - HSKC Tournament in Hutchinson, MN

March 25th - University of Minnesota Tournament

April 20-23rd - Shuhari Cup in Chesterfield, Missouri.http://www.shuhariinstitute.org/shuharicup/

May 6-7th - Rocky Mountain International Championship & USA Karate National Qualifier in Louisville, Colorado. http://www.rockymountainchampionship.com

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